Our mission is to help students publish, be widely certified, and connect with personnel in the field of law and criminology. Our vision is to enhance learning beyond the classroom with a joined faculty-student initiative. 

The Canadian Association of Criminology and Legal Studies is a federal non-profit organization focused on developing and promoting criminological scholarship for both emerging and experienced members of the criminology and legal disciplines. By identifying, studying, and advancing emerging criminological issues, the Canadian Association of Criminology and Legal Studies aims to promote currency in knowledge among those responsible for administrating and advancing issues relating to criminal justice and the law in Canada.

“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.”
— Rabindranath Tagore

Message from the President:

The Canadian Association of Criminology and Legal Studies is a vehicle run by the students and for the students, in order to take education to places, metaphorically, and literally. The new board is made-up of final year students leading various committees and freshman's working as their alternatives in order to transfer knowledge and experience. Our organization aspires to include students from different institutions nationally and internationally and create a diverse networking opportunity for all. Our educational tour to Washington, DC in the summer of 2019 is the highlight of the year where we are looking forward to learn, in person, more about the American justice system. We are working towards making scholarships available to students pursuing their education in criminology and legal studies. With anticipation to expand partnership with other institutions, CACLS is heading towards establishing its own brand and identity in the institution of knowledge.

The legal mood and sphere is quickly changing in Canada. With the legalization of marijuana, the growing number of safe injection sites, the opioid crisis in most Canadian cities, and the growing police misconduct, all puts learners at the front seat and prepares them to face the reality of today. CACLS aspires to help students transition from a protected book knowledge realm to a realm of reality. It is my hope to lead this pack to knowledge passed on by professionals working in the field. It is my hope to make learners question everything they know about criminology and law. 


Ritesh Dalip Narayan, PhD (Can)LLM BA Dip Cert